"Destination Wedding Photographer - Days Made of Love"

We are Fanis and Jenny, partners in life and work who love to photograph happy people and love stories.
We are based in Greece, happily shooting weddings in the Greek islands and worldwide.

"diomidis concerts"

welcome gringo...
this is my blog with footage from
the concerts-gigs-music exhibitions
 I have been...
 thank you for visiting...

To online magazine "JAR De Sens"

JAR was born as the answer to the need for something different.
JAR is the people who are not afraid to dare.
Artists who express themselves through their work.
Innovative and pioneering ideas;ideas which are out of the box.
Different views that share the same path: The aesthetics of the few.
The world from a different perspective.
The reality through a different set of eyes.
No room for pointless adornment.
No compromise with the logic of the masses.

We are in a constant research of innovative ideas that go beyond stereotypes.
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