"Nikol Dimpari - photoblog"

I’m an agriculturist,ecologist and also a «web agronomist» (web developer), who commutes to move by bicycle in Thessaloniki,Greece.
I grew up in Skydra, a small city in North Greece,and then i went for work and studies to Thessaloniki,where i’m currently based on.I studied at the school of Agricultural Technology and took a diploma on Technology of Plant Production. After my studies i learned how to build my own website and so i made one -> www.back-to-nature.gr, that was awarded on Ecopolis awads 2014 in Athens for enviromental sensibility.
I started my photographic endeavor in 2014  when i bought my first dslr camera,and the passion that i already had for photography developed into seriously.I’ve also followed some photography courses in the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki,School of Architecture,held from photography team FLAS.
When I find  spare time I walk out to take photos. Looking to my blog you will find photos from different subject areas but mostly from my travels. 

 Photography for me is a creative outlet where I am free to explore ideas of my own, client free and without expectations. The camera is also a means for me to break out of my shell and interact with people whose language I can’t speak or whom I normally wouldn’t meet.

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