Days Made Of Love is a wedding photography studio specialising in weddings of the international clientele at the Greek islands, in Europe and at selected worldwide destinations.
Consisting of Fanis Rami and Jenny Grapatsas, a real life pair and photography team with base out of Athens, Greece.

Over the past few years they have shot weddings at some of the most alluring mediterranean destinations and throughout the rest of Europe as well.
Known for their effortless style and discreet approach, their work has been trusted by discerning couples and has been featured in numerous international print and online publications, such as Harper’s BAZAAR Australia, Over The Moon, the LANE to name a few.

We value wedding photography as an investment through which all those precious moments will be cherished in the future. For that reason, we aim to craft elegant and timeless pictures that will reflect each wedding day in a uniquely way, and preserve it alive for the years to come. It is our priority to offer an all-embracing experience to our clients, starting from our consultation during the wedding planning procedure until the final product is delivered.

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